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Louis MarascioHi there, I’m Louis Marascio. I’m an entrepreneur and I have been for as long as I can remember. I enjoy starting companies and building teams to solve interesting and challenging problems.

I am the Founder and CEO of Trometis, an Information Technology outsourcing and solutions company.

Prior to Trometis, I was the Founder and CEO of Tariten Trading, a proprietary automated trading firm that uses machine learning and other scientific methods to trade the financial markets.

Previously, I was one of four co-founders of LugIron Software where I also served as the CEO. LugIron developed a media analytics platform to help companies measure, analyze and optimize the performance of their social media efforts. Unfortunately, after an 18 month slog, LugIron was shutdown. Maybe I’ll write a post about that one day.

Prior to LugIron, I was a founder and CTO of Metreos Corporation. I lead the team responsible for designing one of the first easy-to-use integrated development and run time environments for enterprise IP telephony applications. After five and a half years of growing the company, Metreos was acquired by Cisco where I went on to become the Director of Engineering responsible for the Cisco Unified Application Environment, the development platform for the Cisco Unified Communications System.

I live and work on the northside of Houston, Texas with my wife and three little girls.

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