Onwards and Upwards: Goodbye Cisco, Hello TBD

by Louis Marascio on January 1, 2009

The time has come: yesterday, December 31 2008, was my last day at Cisco. In my mind, my tenure at Cisco was about completing what we started eight years ago with Metreos. Cisco purchased Metreos after we had been operating for 5 ½ years as an independent company and for 2 ½ years I worked to help Cisco execute on the vision that building enterprise telephony applications and integrating them with business processes shouldn’t be painful. I’d like to think that we were successful in that venture.

Now that I have closed the final chapter of the Metreos (epic) novel it’s time to write a new one. I’m an entrepreneur and I’m certain a new idea, product, and company are what’s next for me. Stay tuned to see what happens.

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